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Iowa Radon Guidance and Information Provided Partnering with American Lung Association for Healthy Air – Radon in Iowa Website

by Margaret Henderson

The Iowa Department of Public Health provides information to the public in a variety of ways in order to advise about the hazards of radon and encourage testing and mitigation. This outreach effort is based on the need to communicate the severity of the radon problem in Iowa. Iowa’s radon survey indicates that 71.6% of homes tested in Iowa had concentrations above the 4 pCi/L action level recommended by USEPA. That is the largest percentage of homes about the action level. The entire state is designated as a Zone 1 (where levels are expected to exceed the action level).

The Department uses its own website to provides links to several helpful brochures and guides, including:
• Radon & You
• Child Care Testing Guidance
• Introduction to Radon in Schools
• Radon in Schools
• Radon Basics
• Radon Measurement
• A Citizen’s Guide to Radon
• Physician’s Guide to Radon
• Home Buyers and Sellers Fact Sheet

Additional outreach is accomplished by the Department through contract with the American Lung Association. The American Lung Association maintains the Healthy Air-Radon in Iowa website and also staffs the Iowa Radon Hotline. The Association maintains standard daily working hours and also has an automated messaging service.

Written guidance and answers are provided through the Association website including details on:
• What is radon?
• Where does radon come from?
• What are the health effects of radon?
• Who should be worried about radon?
• How can radon be detected?
• How do radon tests work?

For more information, contact:

Healthy Air-Radon in Iowa
Hotline 1-800-383-5992


Iowa Department of Public Safety
Program Oversight
Angela Leek, 515-281-3478