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Time Series Mapping of Radon in Nevada

by Margaret Henderson

The Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health, through a USEPA grant, produced in cooperation with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, a series of maps by years 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009. Two types of maps per year are produced, showing:

· Nevada Statewide Radon Potential by Zip Code and Maps by County Name

· Nevada Statewide Average Radon Test Results by Zip Code and Maps by County Name

In the map “Nevada Statewide Radon Potential by Zip Code - Potential for Radon Problems, ” zip code areas were grouped based on percentages of:

· 0%

· 0.1 - 9.9%

· 10% - 19.9%

· 20% - 100%

Tabular information is given as:

· county

· total valid tests

· number greater thn 4pCi/L

· average radon level

· highest radon level

· percent radon potential

For 2015, the highest radon level (195.0 pCi/L) was reported from Washoe County. (Samples equal 7553, with 1651 high being in excess of 4 pCi/L, the recommended USEPA action level.) The statewide radon potential was 26.5% See https://www.unce.unr.edu/programs/sites/radon/files/pdf/StatePotential2015.pdf

For the map “Nevada Statewide Average Radon Test Results by Zip Code - Average Radon Test Results” tabular information is given as in the Radon Potential map. Zip codes are grouped in pCi/L levels as broken out:

· 0.5 – 1.99

· 2 – 3.99

· 4 and above

See https://www.unce.unr.edu/programs/sites/radon/files/pdf/StateAverage2015.pdf

Both maps noted that “Results are based on independently tested homes from 1989 to June 30, 2015, not scientific sampling. When known, post-mitigation results are not included and usable results are valid tests, one per home, using an average of multiple tests from the lowest tested level of the home.”

With comparisons of maps over time, the effects of additional sampling and findings in other homes and geologic areas may become influential in the understanding of radon in Nevada.

For more information, contact:

Nevada Radon Education Program

1-888-RADON10 (888-723-6610)