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Maryland Mapping Tools Provide Public Information

by Margaret Henderson

The Maryland Department of Health has presented new mapping in order to promote knowledge about radon in Maryland and its health effects and encourage testing for radon. Data provided for testing between January 2005 and April 2016 was supplied by laboratories including those of Air Chek, Inc., Alpha Energy Labs, Landauer Radon, RAdata Inc., and Radon Testing Corp of America, Inc.

The interactive map offers a variety of base maps and provides information by county. The county-level statistics include the number of measurements reported and the average radon concentrations. Concentrations reported are divided into four categories with averages in pCi/L of:
• 4.01 – 60.58
• 2.01 – 4.0
• .01 – 2.0
• 0
The number of samples range from:
• 150- 1293
• 50 – 149
• 10 – 49
• 0

The clickable map presents findings that include the following and allows the user to zoom in to the area:
• Average
• Count number
• Maximum radon concentration
• Zip code

A static map is shown based on the radon test data from 2005 - 2016, which is presented in the interactive map. The static map presents how the lifetime cancer risk would be increased due to excessive radon exposure if it were not tested and abated in homes. Risk estimated come from the USEPA’s “Assessment of Risks from Radon in Homes.”

For more information, contact:
Maryland Department of Health
Toll-Free Help Line: 1-866-703-3266