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CRCPD Cooperates in First Radon Webinar Held by IAEA

by Margaret Henderson

April 5, 2018, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held its first Radon Webinar, “Targeting Radon: Sharing Practices and Experiences.” The focus of this webinar was improving radon messaging about buying and selling a home.

CRCPD, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Eurpoean Radon Association (ERA), jointly organized the webinar with IAEA. The North Carolina Radon Program provided Phillip Ray Gibson, coordinator of the Radon Program, as a presenter for the hour-long session. Goals of Radon Program are to serve the North Carolina residents by proving information about why and how to test for radon and how to mitigate high levels (in excess of the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEAP) the 4pCi/L recommended action level). The Radon Program provides residents information about the professionals who might be sources for testing and mitigation in their state. Mr. Gibson also serves on the CRCPD’s E-25 Committee on Radon.

The webinar recognized the importance of informed decision-making for buyers and sellers based on their understanding of radon. To that end, the delivery of messaging about radon and necessary partnerships to communicate with the public are viewed as key. In 2015, radon was recognized as a priority by North Carolina’s Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination and Control, making it an example of program coordination and related communication issues.

The stated objectives of the webinar were:
• To better understand the impact of health guidance on other market sectors;
• To increase knowledge of partnership opportunities, even with private sector entities; and
• To increase knowledge of leveraging partnerships to communicate messages.

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