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Kansas Adopts Quality Assurance Plan for Conducting Radon Measurements

by Margaret Henderson

Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Quality Assurance Plan for Conducting Radon Measurements, dated January 30, 2018, sets forth requirements for technicians employed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment who perform radon measurements. The plan is to be reviewed and revised annually and its goal is to assure radon measurements conducted by the department are accurate, consistent and reproducible.

The KDHE Radon Program provides technical assistance to the residents of Kansas by providing measurement and mitigation technical information. The Program also is involved in oversight and certification of measurement and mitigation professionals and radon laboratories. Services may be provided as funds are available and may be performed in regulatory actions as needed.

The plan includes instructions on:
• Documents and Records
• Measurement Generation
• Sampling Methods
• Analytical Methods
• Instrument Calibration
• Quality Control
• Assessment and Oversight
• Data Validation and Usability

The KDHE Radon Program may use a variety of instruments, including:
• ion chambers
• continuous radon monitors
• activated charcoal devices

Appendices to the plan include technical information as well as signage, reporting forms, and instructions that cover topics such as:
• Checklist for Radon Electret Detector Placement and Retrieval
• Certified Readings of Reference Electrets
• Electret Spiked Sample Control Charts
• Electret Duplicate Control Chart (Results greater than 4.0 pCi/L)
• Electret Blank Measurement Log
• Continuous Radon Monitor Crosscheck Log
• Activated Charcoal Device Placement Checklist
• Activated Charcoal Duplicate Control Chart (Results greater than 4.0 pCi/L)
• Activated Charcoal Device Blank Measurement Log/Means Control Chart
• Activated Charcoal Spiked Sample Control Charts
• Standard Operating Procedures for KDHE Radon Measurement Devices

For more information about quality assurance in conducting radon measurements, see: