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Colorado Hosted Region 8 Stakeholders Conference

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Radon Program hosted the USEPA Region 8 Radon Stakeholders Conference in Denver, Colorado, on April 19 – 20, 2018. There were 125 attendees and numerous educational and informational presentations. For the agenda and presentations, see

Guest speakers presented information on technical topics including:
• Mitigation Diagnostics in Basements
• Radon in Pier-and-Grade-Beam Foundations
• Radon Myths Debunked
• Evaluating and Assessing Radon Testing in Housing

Dr. Bill Field, University of Iowa, discussed “Radon: The Leading Environmental Cause of Cancer Mortality.”

Two presentations on Colorado radon projects included:
• Colorado Radon Measurement and Mitigation Guidance Document
• Colorado Low Income Radon Mitigation Assistance Program

Business aspects of radon were discussed in two presentations:
• Tools To Grow Your Business
• Radon Contractors Business Insurance and Risk Management

For more information about the conference or radon in Colorado, contact:
Chrystine Kelley
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
Radon Program Manager
P 303.692.3442 I F 303.691.7841