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Oregon Provides Radon Communication Toolkit to School Districts

by Margaret Henderson

Oregon statues required school districts, as well as charter schools, to submit radon testing plans to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) by September 1, 2016. (Testing must be done by January 1, 2021.) As of January 30, 2018, the number of districts that provided plans was 194. The list of districts complying with the requirement is at http://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/HEALTHYENVIRONMENTS/HEALTHYNEIGHBORHOODS/RADONGAS/Documents/School%20District%20Radon%20Testing%20Plans%20Received%20by%20OHA_01.30.18.pdf

As plans go forward for testing, the Oregon Health Authority Radon Awareness Program has provided a Communications Toolkit to aid the school districts in providing radon risk information and educational resources, answering questions and encouraging radon awareness among students and parents. http://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/HEALTHYENVIRONMENTS/HEALTHYNEIGHBORHOODS/RADONGAS/Documents/Schools%20Tools/comms-toolkit/School-Radon-Communication-Toolkit.pdf

The 17-page booklet provides guidance including the Center for Disease Control Risk Communication Principles, a sample communication plan for radon testing, FAQ sheets, sample social media messages about radon and a resource list.

Additional information includes:

  • Sample press release any school may use and customize
  • Sample notifications about radon testing that will begin
  • Notification sample about testing plans and test results, including next steps if elevated radon levels are found
  • Explanations of mitigation and final testing

The toolkit also includes information for school employees in the form of a slide presentation, which informs employees about radon and testing, including information on testing equipment and procedures.

For more information, contact
Oregon Radon Awareness Program
Telephone: 971-673-0440