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Nevada Outreach to Group Meetings Distributes Information and Test Kits to Wide Audience

by Margaret Henderson

The Nevada Radon Education Program participated in outreach activities at several functions, proving answers to questions, educational information, and free test kits during the closing quarter of 2017. The Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health supports these projects through a grant from the USEPA. Radon experts and educators addressed attendees at:

  • Reno Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP);
  • Renown Cancer Institute Great American Smokeout and Shine a Light on Lung Cancer events;
  • Nevada Nurses Association/Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders Convention; and
  • Nevada Cancer Coalition Summit.

At the NAACP meeting, 29 people attended the presentation by Susan Howe and Nadia Noel and obtained a number of test kits. At the Renown events, the Nevada Radon Education Program distributed 47 test kits and spoke to approximately 80 individuals. At the convention of nurses, the Program offered free radon kits to the more than 220 attendees. A radon booth was provided at the Nevada Cancer Control Summit and the Radon Program visited with more than 48 attendees, distributing 37 free test kits. The kits distributed at these meetings contributed to the 4th quarter total for 2017 of 364 short-term test kits being distributed, with100 being used by the end of the year. Statewide, 24.82% of the test kits reported high radon levels (exceeding 4 pCi/L).

For more information, contact:
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Radon Education Program
1-888-RADON10 (888-723-6610)

Source: Nevada Radon Education Program Newsletter