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Nebraska Radon Task Force Issues Recommendations on Radon Resistant New Construction

by Margaret Henderson

The Nebraska Legislature created a Task Force charged with considering radon resistant new construction, developing minimum standards and recommending them for consideration. After four meetings, and by unanimous vote, the Task Force issued its recommendations dated April 9, 2018.

The recommendation states that all new construction, unless otherwise specified, intended to be regularly occupied by people will use Radon Resistant New Construction techniques as listed in the recommendations.

The paper continues to list techniques, certain exceptions to the recommendations and a recommendation for funding for training for the public and professionals and to encourage public awareness. Funds would be allocated to local health departments.

To view the full recommendations, visit: http://www.trphd.org/file_download/inline/6386a405-c710-466d-a268-b8e5bf1b6f70

For further information, contact:

Tom Williams, MD

Director, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Task Force Chair