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Radon 101 Presentation Provides Information to the Public about Radon in Iowa

by Margaret Henderson

The Iowa Department of Public Health promotes radon awareness using the AIR Coalition Radon 101 Presentation as one of its resources. https://idph.iowa.gov/radon/air-coalition

The Iowa AIR Coalition, a public health coalition, is federally funded and administered through the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The Radon 101 Presentation, a 47-page publication, discusses what radon is and why it is important. The presentation features a map of Iowa, based on 7100 screening tests. In each geographic area of the state, the average test results exceeded the 4pCi/L USEPA recommended action level. Health effects of radon are explained, along with basics of testing, what test results mean, assessment of risks, and methods of mitigation. Radon laws in Iowa about testers, mitigators, child care centers and real estate disclosures are referenced.

The Department of Public Health also provides the AIR Coalition FAQ sheet on radon that provides an abbreviated version of the Radon101 Presentation. https://idph.iowa.gov/Portals/1/Files/Radon/Radon%20fact%20sheet%202013.pdf

For more information about radon in Iowa or the AIR Coalition, contact:

Mindy Uhle, MPH

Bureau of Environmental Health Services

Division of Environmental Health

Iowa Department of Public Health

Office: 515-242-6131 Melinda.Uhle@idph.iowa.gov

For Radon information call the Radon Hotline number 1-800-383-5992.

See the publication at https://idph.iowa.gov/Portals/1/Files/Radon/Professional%20basic%20radon%20presentation.pdf