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Kansas Outreach to Homeowners with High Radon but No Mitigation Systems Installed

Contributed by Kim Steves

The Kansas Radon Program has been working closely with the Kansas Environmental Public Health Tracking Program to improve the quality of statewide radon testing and mitigation data in our database and to use this data for the benefit of our citizens and our radon professionals.

During the summer of 2018, the two programs accomplished a joint project to address those Kansas homes that had data showing an elevated radon test result but no mitigation system installed. There were a surprisingly large number of homes in our database that had elevated radon measurement results but no radon mitigation system installed. For the initial phase of this project, radon data for the calendar year 2016 was used. Approximately 2,000 letters were mailed out to any home for which data showed radon test results greater than 4.0 pCi/l, but no mitigation system installed. The letters included the specific data for that address, information on testing and mitigation, and a link to take a survey to gather more information regarding why mitigation had not taken place.

We are still collecting the data. So far, this project is proving to be extremely successful. The Kansas Radon Program and many of our certified radon professionals across the state have been receiving calls as a result of these letters, with citizens wanting to know more about how to mitigate for radon and taking action to lower their radon levels. This project is helping to strengthen the relationship between the state radon program and the radon professionals working in our state. It is also using the radon data which we collect as part of our regulatory program for good that not only helps our citizens improve their health risk, but also results in an increase in business for the certified radon mitigation technicians.

The full results of this project will not be available for a few months, but at this time it is our intention to repeat this project for the 2017 radon data.

Contact person for this project:

Mark Ungerer

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Mark.ungerer@ks.gov