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Utah Test Result Data and Real Estate Instruction Promote Goal of Reducing Radon

by Margaret Henderson

Utah Department of Environmental Quality Indoor Air Program provides information to inform residents and homebuyers and sellers about the presence of radon in Utah and the importance of testing and mitigating elevated radon levels. The Program’s goal is to reduce the level of indoor radon to less than 4 pCi/L.

The Program posts test results of short-term radon tests by county, which has been updated as of April 2018. https://documents.deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/planning-technical-support/radon/DRC-2017-002146.pdf. Results include the number of tests in each county, the maximum and average results and the number above 4 pCi/L, the recommended USEPA action level. Statewide summary of the 56,978 tests indicates that 63% of the test results were above 4 pCi/L, with a maximum value of 664 pCi/L and an average result of 5.1 pCi/L.

One of the five areas of focus of the Program is Real Estate Disclosure and Testing. The Program provides Courses For Real Estate Professionals and maintains a list of Radon Trained Relators. https://deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/radon-trained-realtors

Courses for Real Estate Professionals are conducted throughout the state and consist of two-hour courses, approved for two credit hours by the Utah Real Estate Commission for real estate professionals. The free courses cover testing during a real estate transaction. Explanations of radon, the relative basis of health concern, what kind of problem it presents, how to test, who can test, remediation methods and qualified mitigators and contractors are discussed. Lectures and opportunity to discuss practical experiences and case studies are given. A manual and copies of pertinent documents are provided.

The Utah Association of Realtors also provides information consistent with the Program’s message and includes link to the Program. http://utahrealtors.com/find-homes-realtors/radon-resources/test-for-radon/

For more information, contact: https://deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/radon/radon-program and https://deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/real-estate-transactions-utah

(801) 536-0091 for information regarding upcoming classes