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Michigan’s Webinar: Radon Awareness for Health Care Providers and Their Patients

by Margaret Henderson

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Indoor Radon Program, participated in a recorded webinar: Radon Awareness for Health Care Providers and Their Patients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH3_8fMGPYs

The 59-minute webinar features two presenters:

* Douglas Arenberg, MD, University of Michigan

* Aaron Berndt, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

The webinar discusses issues about radon risk, testing, mitigation and medical issues. The presentations begin with basic discussions of why radon is a concern and the associated lung cancer risks. How radon exposure and lung cancer are linked is discussed, with details given about epidemiological estimates and other past studies. Technical factors about the presence of radon are presented, including the common factors that drive radon entry into the home, where radon is potentially present, information about testing for radon, and mitigation techniques.

A question and answer period focused on question from the participants from both medical and technical perspectives. Dr. Arenberg suggested that medical intake forms could be modified to ask the simple question, “Has your home been tested for radon?” He indicated he is considering asking that forms at his institution be modified. He believes it is the “right thing to do” to ask this simple question.

Mr. Berndt answered questions, such as “Can you dispel the myth that radon is an old home or a new home issue?” He replied that any home can have a radon problem.

The webinar closed with asking participants, “Will webinar change how you communicate with patients?”

For more information about radon in Michigan or the webinar, contact:

Michigan Indoor Radon Program

Telephone: 800-RADONGAS

Aaron Berndt