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Nevada Outreach to Retirement Community and Home Owner Associations

by Margaret Henderson

The Nevada Radon Education Program outreach to residents in retirement communities and to home owner associations (HOAs) resulted in increased awareness and radon testing in several neighborhoods.

An hour-long presentation was given to 170 residents of Sun City Anthem by the Nevada Radon Education Program (NREP) and a certified radon measurement specialist in January 2018. Located in Henderson, Nevada, Sun City Anthem is in the foothills of the Black Mountains.

At the meeting 135 radon test kits were distributed. Residents returned 63 of the test kits as of March 2018. The presentation included explanations about health risks, radon measurements and mitigation practices. Sun City Anthem publicized the event and placed an advertisement in their monthly magazine.

Radon prevalence in the Sun City Anthem zip code areas reveal that about one-third of the homes had elevated radon levels based on test results from the past three years. The highest result was 70 pCi/L. Of 300 tests performed, 31.67% had elevated levels of radon.

Five counties with high radon potential were targeted for outreach to HOAs. HOA management companies (429) in Clark, Washoe, Carson, Douglas and Elko counties were sent letters. Each company represents numerous HOAs and was provided information on radon health risks, data about each county with regards to radon potentials, and zip code maps of test results. Another outreach involved using Nextdoor.app informing residents of upcoming presentations and offering radon test kits.

For more information about radon in Nevada, contact:

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Radon Education Program

1-888-RADON10 (888-723-6610)

Source: Nevada Radon Report, Vol. 11, No. 3