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Indiana Mapping Illustrates Testing and Mitigation Systems Installed

by Margaret Henderson

In 2014, mapping shows that the State of Indiana is predominately in Zone 1, where radon levels are expected to exceed 4 pCi/L, the recommended USEPA action level. According to testing in 2013, an average of 36% of the homes in Zone 1 counties showed test results exceeding 4 pCi/L. Some counties had percentages as high as 80% (Fayette County).

Testing and mitigation is encouraged by the Indiana State Department of Health. Mapping illustrates the testing and mitigation activities in the state by county.

The total number of radon mitigation systems installed between 2007 and 2014 (mapped as of June 2015) is 12,421. Breakouts by number of systems installed were categorized by county as:
• 1 to 9
• 10 to 25
• 26 to 100
• more than 100

Twenty counties had more than 100 mitigation systems installed during that same period.

A corresponding map illustrates the number of radon tests performed. A total of 59,451 pre-mitigation tests were performed. Breakouts by number of tests performed were categorized by county as:
• Less than 10
• 10 to 50
• 51 to 100
• 100 to 299
• more than 300.

Twenty six counties had more than 300 tests performed.

For more information about radon in Indiana, contact:
Indiana State Department of Health
Indiana Radon Program Coordinator:
Contact: Phil Waters at 1-317-234-8604 or pwaters@isdh.in.gov

To view the maps, visit: