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CRCPD Supports the Development of an International Technical Document on Radon

Reprinted with permission from CRCPD Newsbrief, August 2018

Joshua Kerber, a leading U.S. expert in radon remediation and prevention, from the Minnesota
Department of Health, participated with Friderik Knez from the Department of Building Physics in the
Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute and Tony Löfqvist from Mark- och Miljö
Kontroll AB in Sweden, in the first drafting of an international document on recommendations and guidance on the mitigation and prevention of public exposure to radon and other natural sources of radiation indoor. The title of the document is “Radiation Protection Against Indoor Radon and Building Materials – Methods of Prevention and Mitigation.” The meeting was held, June 18-22, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was arranged by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in its efforts to improve information on radiation protection throughout the world. Olga German and Richelle Tolton were the technical officers of meeting.

The IAEA and CRCPD entered into a practical arrangement in 2016 to share expertise in the areas of naturally occurring radioactive materials, radon and new medical technology using radiation. This cooperation is continuing as CRCPD members support the arrangement to further improve our understanding of radiation protection in these areas.