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Minnesota Updates Guidance for Radon Testing in Schools

Guidance for Radon Testing in Minnesota Schools has been updated as of September 2018. See the revised publication at http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/indoorair/schools/radontestingschools18.pdf

The updates, made by the Minnesota Department of Health Indoor Air Unit, have made changes on topics including:

* Information about the licensing of radon measurement professionals in Minnesota, which will begin on January 1, 2019.

* Reference to the ANSI/AARST ‘Protocol for Conducting Measurements of Radon and Radon Decay Products in Schools and Large Buildings.’

* New recommendations encouraging schools to use short term testing over long term testing.

* Information about how schools can purchase discounted short term test kits through the State’s Master Contract. * An updated School Radon Testing Reporting Form. A fillable form of this document is now available. See http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/indoorair/schools/schrprtformfill18.pdf

If a school district received authority to use long-term facilities maintenance revenue to conduct radon testing, the school district is required to follow the state radon testing plan discussed in this guidance document. (Reference: MN Statute 123B.571). The school district also must report the radon test results at a school board meeting and to Minnesota Department of Health.

More information on radon testing in schools see http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/indoorair/schools/radonschool.html

For more information, contact:

Minnesota Department of Health

Indoor Air Unit

PO Box 64975

St. Paul, MN 55164-0975