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CRCPD Names Bruce Snead as Radon Hero

Photograph: Bruce Snead, with Kansas State University and Josh Kerber, with the Minnesota Radon Program.

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc.
Radon Hero Award Presented to Bruce Snead

Bruce Snead is recognized for his leadership and dedication to reducing radon exposure over the last thirty years. The magnitude of reduction in exposure to radon which has resulted from the ongoing efforts of Bruce is immeasurable. This is because the impacts are not only through his own personal efforts for more than thirty years working directly in radon programs, but also from the efforts of each and every person [numbering at least in the thousands] he has trained and assisted across the nation during that time, all of whom have passed the knowledge and skills learned from Bruce on to others.

Bruce has worked as part of the Midwest Universities Radon Consortium, the National Radon Training Centers, the National Radon Program Services, and the Kansas Radon Program. Throughout this time, he has also worked closely with all the state radon programs in EPA Region 7 and beyond to continually improve training; and to educate professionals, government officials, and citizens about the dangers of radon, how to test, and how to fix or build radon resistant. Bruce has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to assuring that messages about radon are communicated to the public and that trained and qualified professionals are available. Throughout the years, Bruce has demonstrated the unique ability to work successfully with both governmental officials and radon professionals/private organizations on radon projects.

For his accomplishments in radon risk reduction, his unwavering commitment demonstrated by his years of sustained exemplary leadership, and his consistently helpful and supportive guidance for state radon programs and the radon industry, Bruce Snead is recognized as our 2018 Radon Hero.

Bestowed by the CRCPD on this 10th day of September 2018.

Signed by:
Karen Beckley MPA, MS, Chairperson
Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc.