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Georgia Outreach Activities Highlights

by Margaret Henderson

The Georgia Radon Program is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency State Indoor Radon Grant Program (SIRG) and is conducted by the University of Georgia. The program provides information, test kits and other outreach activities to encourage testing and mitigation. Outreach activities include site visits, teaching sessions and media other contacts.

The Georgia Radon Program conducted outreach visits to three high schools during fall of 2018 to provide education on basic radon information, including testing and mitigation. The goal was to provide knowledge and encourage testing and mitigation. Students in chemistry, environmental science, and biology classes received instruction and a test kit to use at home and return for a grade in class. A Skype session is planned with staff from the Georgia Radon Program to discuss the test results and possible actions needed.

Other outreach activities July through September 2018 included Program Contacts & Media Impressions such as:

* Exhibitions with 70 participants

* Consumer contacts with 62 persons

* Kits distributed (145 with 21% of results in excess of 4 pCi/L, the USEPA recommended action level and the highest level being 17.2 pCi/L)

* Web hits of 1496 during the period

For more information, contact:

UGA Radon Program Team Derek Cooper

Extension Educator

Source: Radon in Georgia, Georgia Radon Education Program Newsletter, September 2018 and SIRG Report July – September 2018