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Florida Colorful Brochures on Radon in Florida Homes and Free Radon Test Kits Provide Information to the Public

by Margaret Henderson

The Florida Department of Health Radon and Indoor Air Program provides outreach to Florida residents, encouraging testing by illustrating the prevalence of radon in Florida homes and by providing a coupon for free test kits.

One in five homes in Florida that has been tested had results that exceeded the 4 pCi/L USEPA recommended action level. Florida considers itself “aggressive” in consumer protection with respect to radon exposures. For instance, radon measurement and mitigation companies have been required to be certified since 1989. The state operates an outreach program with highlights and guidance in order to help residents reduce exposure to radon.

Two colorful brochures illustrate radon potentials in Florida and encourage testing by offering free test kits.

“Radon in Florida Homes” presents a graphic of the state divided by counties with percentages of residences with findings in excess of 4 pCi/L. The brochure notes the highest measurement of 307 pCi/L was found in Leon County and also explains that a 27 pCi/L concentration was found on the 11th floor of a condominium, noting that testing for radon is the only way to be sure about the radon levels. Of the tests performed in Florida homes, approximately 99% were conducted in 25 counties as shown on the map where approximately 85% of Florida’s population lives.

“YOU CAN’T SEE IT, SMELL IT OR TASTE IT, BUT GAS MAY BE IN YOUR HOME” is the brochure that offers a free test kit. It gives information about health risk and where radon comes from. It provides “Your Coupon for an Absolutely Free RADON Test.”

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For more information, contact:

Radon and Indoor Air Program
Florida Department of Health
850-245-4288 or 800-543-8279