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Colorado Begins National Radon Action Month Promotions

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Radon Program is beginning 2019 with a celebration of National Radon Action Month (NRAM). The Colorado State Board of Health has issued a proclamation to recognize NRAM and encourage testing for radon in Colorado homes. See the attached proclamation. Approximately 50% of the homes in Colorado have levels of radon that exceed the 4 pCi/L USEPA recommended action level. All counties in Colorado are considered at high risk for elevated radon.

The Radon Program sponsored a poster contest for youth and has announced the winner of the 2019 contest, which is part of the NRAM activities.

For more information about NRAM in Colorado, contact:

Chrystine Kelley

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Radon Program Manager
Telephone: 303.692.3442