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Utah Announces Radon Poster Winners for 2019

by Margaret Henderson

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality Radon Program has announced winners of the 2019 State Radon Poster Contest Winners. The Poster Contest offers winners cash awards. The three first place winners receive $100 and his/her teacher receives $100. Two more students will receive $100 and a $100 for their teacher.

The contest received 57 entries, from age grades four through six, seven through eight and nine through twelve. See the 2019 National Radon Poster Contest Entrants at https://deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/radon/2019-national-radon-poster-contest-entrants

Posters were judged based on:

* Content accuracy

* Visual communication of topic

* Ability to reproduce

* Originality

To see the winners in each grade and the honorable mentions, visit 2019 State Radon Poster Contest Winners at https://deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/state-radon-poster-contest-winners

The contest winners will meet with the governor in January 2019 to sign the Proclamation for the National Radon Month.

For further information about radon in Utah, contact Eleanor Divver, Radon Coordinator @ 801-536-0091 or edivver@utah.gov Radon.Utah.Gov