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Minnesota Radon Brochure Provides Comprehensive Information

by Margaret Henderson

Keeping Your Home Safe: Radon is a new 31-page brochure of the Minnesota Department of Health Indoor Air Unit. The brochure is designed to inform Minnesota residents about radon, testing and mitigation, and radon resistant new construction.

In Minnesota, radon can be a serious health concern. The geology of Minnesota, coupled with the fact that homes are closed during a great deal of the year, can create circumstances where radon levels create elevated risk.

The brochure presents information on where radon originates and how it occurs in Minnesota. It discusses health consequences and risks related to radon. The mechanics of how radon enters the home based on air pressure and foundation types, how testing and mitigation are accomplished, and the entire mitigation process are presented. Radon resistant new construction and radon in real estate are discussed also.

Graphics in the brochure present on a county level map of the state the “Percent of MN Properties Tested for Radon that are ≥ 4 pCi/L (2010 – 2016).” Some counties have as high as 69% – 82% testing over the 4 pCi/L recommended action level of the USEPA.

To see the brochure, visit: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/indoorair/radon/rnbrochure.pdf

For more information, contact:

Indoor Air Unit
PO Box 64975
St Paul, MN 55164–0975
Telephone 651-201-4601

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