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Minnesota USA Hockey Player Now President of CanSAR

Rachel Malmberg, a young, non-smoking, former USA Hockey player from Minnesota, was diagnosed with lung cancer and believes her disease is attributable to radon exposure. The Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) nonprofit advocacy group has recently announced the selection of Rachael Malmberg as the organization’s President. In honor of National Radon Action Month (NRAM), Rachel is seeking to educate people about risks of radon exposure and is encouraging families to test the radon levels in their home.

CanSAR announced Ms. Malmberg as president in their copyrighted release stating:

“Rachael Malmberg, a wife, mother, career woman, USA hockey gold medal winner, and non-smoker, has recently been in the media speaking to whoever will listen, wherever she can find a platform, about her experiences as a healthy 32-year-old who learned she has Stage IV lung cancer. Both her childhood home and her current home tested high for radon. Prior to her diagnosis, Rachael had never heard of radon. Now, she wants to make sure everyone knows that dangerous radon levels can be in any home, undetectable unless the air is tested.”

Rachel’s video and Challenge Test are available through CanSAR at http://www.cansar.org/

For more information about radon in Minnesota, contact:

Minnesota Department of Health
Indoor Air Unit
PO Box 64975
St Paul, MN 55164–0975
Telephone 651-201-4601