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Utah State of the Environment Report Addresses Radon

by Margaret Henderson

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released its annual State of the Environment Report in early 2019. The report is an end-of-year report for 2018. The activities of the department during 2018 are noted in a comprehensive report summarizes the ways the department addresses environmental issues in order to improve the health of residents of Utah. Included in the report is information about how radon issues are addressed.

One in three homes in Utah is anticipated to have elevated levels of radon in excess of the EPA recommended action level of 4pCi/L. The department’s Radon Program offers activities and services that promote awareness, testing and mitigation:

* Radon awareness through public outreach and education

* Low-cost test kits to Utah residents

* Indoor radon surveys in target areas

* Individualized assistance to homeowners and public agencies

* Public-school testing

* Real-estate training on testing, disclosure, and mitigation

Two examples of outreach efforts involving collaborative efforts in 2018 involved real estate and radon testing for native American populations.

In training real estate agents, the Radon Program Coordinator (though licensure from the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate), taught “Radon for the Real Estate Professional,” a continuing education course. Realtors educated about radon are able to disseminate the information to their clients, who average about 50 per year, thus amplifying the educational outreach.

Other outreach included environmental testing at the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation. This outreach involved testing and mitigation and was a collaborative effort by the Radon Program, Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational Heath, University of Utah, and Huntsman Cancer Center.

To view the report, visit State of the Environment Report 2018


For more information about radon in Utah, contact:

Eleanor Divver | Radon Coordinator | Telephone: 801. 536.0091 Radon Program https://deq.utah.gov/waste-management-and-radiation-control/radon/radon-program