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Ohio Cancer Plan Through 2020 Has Radon Objective and Strategies

by Margaret Henderson

The Ohio Department of Health Radon Education and Licensing Program provides public information about radon, licenses radon professionals and works with local health departments in the state to reduce exposure to radon. https://odh.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/odh/know-our-programs/radon-education-and-licensing-program/welcome-to

The Ohio Radon Fact Sheet notes that one in three homes has elevated levels of radon, but the public may not be aware of the radon hazard. https://sosradon.org/files/sosradon/OH%20Radon%20Facts_1.pdf

As part of the Department of Health’s outreach efforts, radon has been included in the Ohio Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2015-2020, with specific goals for radon awareness and reduction. The plan emphasizes primary prevention of cancer as one of its main goals. It advises that “Cancer risk can be reduced by …mitigating radon in homes….”

Goals and strategies were developed for radon, noting that the majority of Ohio homeowners are “not aware of their risk of having elevated levels of radon in their homes, nor the cancer risk associated with exposure to radon.”

Radon Objectives and Strategies are given in the plan as Objective 6 as follows:

OBJECTIVE 6: By December 31, 2020, increase the number of radon mitigation systems installed in Ohio homes.


• Identify high risk areas in Ohio to focus outreach activities.

• Educate the public about radon, radon testing, radon mitigation and the risk of lung cancer.

• Encourage home buyers and sellers to hire Ohio licensed radon professionals for radon testing and mitigation.

• Educate realtors, building code officials, medical professionals, and housing and legislative authorities about radon, the risk of lung cancer and their role in reducing radon exposure.

• Support legislation for building codes that align with the Radon Control Methods section (Appendix F) of the International Building Code.

• Reduce out-of-pocket costs associated with radon testing and mitigation

For more information, contact:

Ohio Radon Education Staff
Telephone 1-80-523-4439