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Indiana Passes Legislation on Radon in Schools

by Margaret Henderson

The General Assembly State of Indiana has passed legislation amending the Indiana Code concerning health. Senate Bill 632, sponsored by nine members, passed and was signed by the governor on April 10, 2019.

The bill title, explains:

Radon in schools. Requires the state department of health (department) to distribute a manual of best practices for managing indoor air quality at schools, including recommendations for radon testing, to the legislative council, the department of education, the facilities manager and superintendent of each school corporation, and the chief administrative officer of each accredited nonpublic school. Requires the department to revise and distribute the manual to each school every three years.

The law becomes effective July 1, 2019, and by July 31, 2019, the state department shall comply with the bill requirements to distribute a manual. To see the full text of the bill, visit: https://legiscan.com/IN/text/SB0632/id/1974359/Indiana-2019-SB0632-Enrolled.pdf

For more information about radon in Indiana, contact:

Indiana State Department of Health
Radon Hotline 1-800-272-9723