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Requesting Updates to State’s Radon Fact Sheet

A message from Chrys Kelley--

Hi State Radon Folks! On behalf of the CRCPD E25 Committee on Radon, I would like to request your assistance in reviewing and updating your state’s radon fact sheet that we will be distributing at the National Conference of State Legislature's Annual Legislative Summit. You can find your fact sheet at https://sosradon.org/state-fact-sheets

Please make any necessary changes and/or updates to your states fact sheet (you should have a copy of the Word document) and submit a final .pdf to Bruce Snead at bsnead@ksu.edu by May 15, 2019. If you can't find your Word document, you can download the .pdf and in Adobe Acrobat click on File-Export to-Microsoft Word-Word Document and then you can edit it.

It is VERY important that we have accurate information to share with your state legislators at this event!

Thank you,

Chrys Kelley, Chair, CRCPD E-25 Committee on Radon
and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Radon Program Manager
P 303.692.3442 4300
Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530