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Pennsylvania Includes Radon Information in Go Green Suggestions

by Margaret Henderson

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection provides a website encouraging “Go Green” for making homes more energy efficient, using renewable products, reducing consumer costs and helping climate change. Included with the numerous “Go Green” suggestions, information about radon resistant new construction and testing and mitigating homes for radon are provided with links to the department’s Radon Program.

The inclusion of radon in these considerations follows the concept the Department promotes of looking at the “whole house” rather than individual components. Sealing homes for energy efficiency and the relation to elevated radon are important issues in Pennsylvania where an estimated 40% of the homes have elevated radon (in excess of the EPA recommended action level of 4 pCi/L). The website notes that testing for radon is the only way to know if excess levels are present and provides links to radon monitoring information at https://www.dep.pa.gov/Business/RadiationProtection/RadonDivision/Monitoring/Pages/default.aspx#.Vkox7PMo670 and to mitigation standards at https://www.dep.pa.gov/Business/RadiationProtection/RadonDivision/Monitoring/Pages/default.aspx#.Vkox7PMo670

The importance of installing a radon mitigation system to prepare the homes for radon removal is discussed and a link to information on new construction is provided at https://www.dep.pa.gov/Business/RadiationProtection/RadonDivision/Monitoring/Pages/NewConstruction.aspx

For more information about radon and “Go Green” visit https://www.dep.pa.gov/Business/RadiationProtection/RadonDivision/Pages/default.aspx and https://www.dep.pa.gov/Citizens/Go_Green_PA/Pages/default.aspx


Radon Hotline: 800-237-2366
Phone: 717-783-3594
Fax: 717-783-8965