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Vermont Encourages Testing Schools for Radon

by Margaret Henderson

Vermont Department of Health and the Environment has emphasized the important of testing for radon in schools for more than a decade. Because the second largest contributor to radon exposure for children and staff is likely at their school, testing in Vermont has been encouraged by offering free radon kits.

To date, since 2005, approximately 25% of Vermont schools have been tested for radon; 14% had at least one room at or above the action level. Some results have been as high as five times the EPA recommended action level of 0.4 pCi/L.

In addition to the free test kits, the department also offers technical assistance to schools that have elevated radon levels. The department also provides links to the EPA guidance on schools:

· Radon in Schools

· Radon Measurement in Schools guidance document

For more information about radon in Vermont, see https://certi.us/State_Facts/Vermont%20Radon%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

For more information, contact:

Vermont Department of Health

Radon Program at 800-439-8550 radon@vermont.gov