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Maine Offers Free Check of Mitigation Systems

by Margaret Henderson

Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Radiation Control Program, Indoor Air Quality Section, provides information about radon and inspections of mitigation systems to assist the public in reducing indoor radon. At least 25% of the homes in Maine that have been tested have had elevated radon levels. The Section suggests mitigation when levels exceed 4.0 pCi/L.

Testing and mitigation must be performed by entities registered with the state or by homeowners under Maine law. However, the law specifies that testing and mitigation of homes for sale must be done by a registered radon service provider. To assist in locating service providers, the Section provides a database search for registered services at https://pfr.informe.org/almsonline/almsquery/welcome.aspx?board=2458

In addition, a free mitigation system inspection is offered by the Section and requests are being taken. Inspections for compliance with mitigation standards can be submitted to radon.dhhs@maine.gov, or by telephone to 1- 800-232-0842 (207-287-5698 out of state). Inspections will be made only of systems installed by the registered contractor and a written report will be given to the homeowner and the installer.

For more information, contact:

Maine Radon Section
Telephone: 1-800-232-0842 or 207-287-5676
Fax: 207-287-3059
Email: radon.dhhs@maine.gov