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Florida Radon Testing Requirements are Provided in List and Map Formats

by Margaret Henderson

Florida Health’s Radon Program provides a map to give guidance on which facilities are required by Florida law to test for radon. The requirements apply to some 24-hour care facilities, state licensed day care centers and schools k-12.

Currently certain facilities (based on county of location) are required to test under Florida Statute 404.056. Also, counties are designated depending on the construction of the building. Two lists of counties, one for single family home or duplex, and one for “all other buildings” are provided by Florida Health.

The information is mapped, showing color-coded counties. Counties with “All” or “No” facilities required for testing are shown. A third category, “Facilities (excluding those in single family homes/duplexes) required to test for radon” is shown. Facilities are further defined as:

· All public and private school buildings or school sites housing students in K-12

· All state-owned, state-operated, state-regulated, or state-licensed 24-hour care facilities

· All state-licensed day care centers for children or minors (check with local licensing agent in Broward, Hillsborough, Palm Beach, Pinellas, and Sarasota Counties to see if testing is required)

A search of data based on State Facility Radon Data is also available at http://www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/radon/radon-menu.html

For more information, contact:

Radon and Indoor Air Program

Phone: 850-245-4288