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Indiana Revises Best Practices Manual to Include Radon

by Margaret Henderson

The Indiana State Department of Health has revised its Indoor Air Quality in Schools Best Practices Manual to include radon. During the 2019 legislative year, legislation was passed that required the Department to include recommendations for radon testing in the manual. The revision complies with this requirement.

The Best Management Practices for Indoor Air Quality at Schools Manual was developed “to help school staff identify hazards to indoor air quality and develop and implement guidance to remediate those situations.” Schools are not required to follow the manual or use any of the example policies that are included. Compliance with recommendations is voluntary.

The revised manual includes a chapter on “Radon in Schools.” Topics covered are:

· What is radon?

· Radon Testing.

· Re-testing for Radon.

· Reducing Radon.

The manual includes references to other documents about radon.

For more information, the manual is available at https://www.in.gov/isdh/files/Indoor%20Air%20Quality%20in%20Schools%20BPM%202019.pdf


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