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North Carolina Announces National Radon Action Month and Webinars

In support of National Radon Action Month activities, the North Carolina Healthy Homes Program has announced National Radon Action Month, January 1 – 31, 2020. https://nchealthyhomes.com/event/national-radon-action-month-2/

The Program calendar also lists the free webinars,

2020 Radon Webinar Series | Radon: A Primer for Everyone at https://nchealthyhomes.com/event/2020-radon-webinar-series-radon-a-primer-for-everyone/ For more information on the series, Email Phillip Gibson at phillip.gibson@dhhs.nc.gov

The Program website provides basic information about radon at https://nchealthyhomes.com/radon/ and is funded in part by the North Carolina Health and Humans Services Department, which maintains the radon website at http://www.ncradon.org/Home.html