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Minnesota Activities Ongoing and Planned for the Rest of the Winter

The Minnesota Department of Health is busy with several radon activities to promote awareness of radon and encourage testing and education about radon. These include:

· Marketing campaign statewide, including TV, radio, web, highway billboards and Pandora (Pandora is new this year)

· Minnesota Wild hockey game spots featuring Rachel Malmberg from CANSAR, to be show during games

· Press release to be issued in early January featuring our radon mitigation maps

· Approximately 8,000 test kits distributed to over 100 local partners (county health departments, non-profits, housing organizations)

· New online child care class on home health hazards, including radon

· Social media campaign through MDH Facebook and other outlets

· Ongoing real estate classes and other education

For more information, contact

Daniel Tranter

Supervisor | Indoor Air Unit

Minnesota Department of Health

Office: 651-201-4618