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New York Tracking Radon Data and Health Patterns

by Margaret Henderson

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) provides online radon data from 2000 to 2017 at county-level that has five-year rolling averages. The NYS DOH Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) Portal allows development of maps, graphs and tables. Information available includes:

· Average Number of Radon Tests

· Percentage of Homes tested for Radon

· Average Radon Test values

· Maximum Radon Test values

· Percent Tests by Test Results (<2 pCi/L, 2 to <4 pCi/L or 4 pCi/L and higher)

· Percent Tests by Floor level tested (basement, first floor, other floors)

NYS EPHT portal provides the public with data that is updated annually. The goal of providing this information is to raise awareness of radon and allows easy use of the data in order to support outreach to communities and individuals. Outreach and mitigation efforts are aimed toward reducing lung cancer.

New York State Environmental Public Health Tracker was originally funded in 2002 and 2002 and thereafter enhanced, sustained, and maintained.

See the tracking system https://health.ny.gov/environmental/public_health_tracking/


Radon Test Indicator
New York State Environmental Public Health Tracking
Seema Nayak
Center for Environmental Health
New York State Department of Health

For more information, contact: Cynthia Costello at cynthia.costello@health.ny.gov Seema Nayak at seema.nayak@health.ny.gov

Radon Program
Telephone: 518-402-7556