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Kansas Radon Program Provides COVID-19 Guidance

The Kansas Radon Program states “COVID-19 & Radon, Kansas Radon Program is open and responding to questions at 1-800-693-5343.” The Program offers several resources regarding radon and COVID-19 practices. See https://kansasradonprogram.org/COVID-19

The Kansas Department of Health and the Environment also has provided tips for workers who visit homes during the COVID-19 outbreak. These include sections on:

· Prevention Basics

· Assessing the Situation

· At the Home: Reassess Risk

The Kansas Radon Newsletter for April 2020 is also featured on the site. The April 2020 newsletter is the COVID-19 issue, found at https://kansasradonprogram.org/files/kansasradonprogram/newsletter/KRP%20Newsletter%20April%202020.pdf

Topics include:

· Radon Defined as Essential by State of Kansas

· KSU Operations Information

· Free 30-minute Radon CE Courses in May

· Help AARST With Standards Review

· PPE Recommendations for Radon In-Home Visits

· AARST COVID-19 Resources for Radon Small Business

· COVID-19 Resources Self Care

· Business Care: What Can We Do?

· Questions? Let’s Talk.

· Certification Questions

Contacts are listed as:

Mark Ungerer/ Jason Meinholdt at KDHE: 785-296-1560 http://www.kdheks.gov/radiation/radon.htm

General Radon Questions Brian Hanson at KSU: 785-532-4996

The Radon Program also announced a delay in deadlines for certified practitioners. “Governor Kelly has extended the deadlines for all certified practitioners for 90 days after the termination of the State's state of emergency. Certified professionals are encouraged to submit renewals on time as KDHE is processing these normally. Details are available at https://kansasradonprogram.org/files/kansasradonprogram/Covid-19/EO%2020-19%20Executed.pdf

For more information, also contact:

Kansas Radon Program

Engineering Extension

2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 300

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66502


785-532-6026 / Fax: 785-532-6952