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Georgia Radon Program Provided Training for the Medical Community

Radon in Georgia, Georgia Radon Education Program, Newsletter and Outreach Report, January – March 2020
features programs about partnerships with the medical community in Georgia.

The University of Georgia Atlanta is funded by the USEPA and performs education and outreach in a variety of ways. One method involves interaction with medical partners. A primary care physician in Georgia purchased radon kits and distributed them to patients. To support this effort, the program provided training to the doctor’s patients and medical staff through a class with the goal of encouraging testing.

Another opportunity the program used was partnering with the medical community by hosting a booth at the Georgia Lung Force Expo. At this event the program reached more than 40 medical professionals, teaching them about radon risk and testing. The event was for medical personnel who were conferencing about pulmonary healthcare in Georgia.

For more information, contact:

Derek Cooper, Extension Educator

Telephone: 706-583-0602


Source: Newsletter https://www.fcs.uga.edu/docs/JanuaraytoMarch2020_Newsletter.pdf