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Georgia Radon Outreach Reported for January – March 2020

Program contacts and media impressions were reported for the period January – March 2020 by the Georgia Radon Education Program.


The Program had 13 programs/meetings with 804 participants.

Contacts during that period included a combined total of 175 including contacts with home builders and realtors, medical professionals, and consumers.

A total of 429 test kit results were received, with 29.9% reporting greater than 4 pCi/L, the recommended action level.

There were 54 mitigation referrals made.

Media activity included:

· 2569 web hits.

· Newspaper circulation to 533,398 readers.

· Radio contacts to 4500 listeners.

For more information, contact:

Derek Cooper, Extension Educator

Telephone: 706-583-0602


Source: Radon in Georgia, Georgia Radon Education Program, Newsletter and Outreach Report, January – March 2020