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Kansas Offers Discounts on Online Radon Training in July

The Midwest Universities Radon Consortium – Kansas State University Training is offering wide radon training opportunities at discounted prices during July 2020.

As many radon professionals are working from home during the pandemic, online training has become a popular and effective way to continue working and being educated on the topic of radon. Kansas State University is providing training through webinars, correspondence and web-based courses. Discounts are offered during July 2020 for a variety of radon training courses. See https://www.radoncourses.com/online/ce#webinar

Topics include:

· Worker Safety

· Radon Measurements

· Measurement Refresher Course

· Radon Basics for the Home Inspector

· Radon Measurement Device Refresher

· Radon in Water Refresher

· Radon Physics Refresher

· Radon for the Real Estate Industry

· Radon Business Development & Marketing

· Radon Mitigation Course

· Combined Radon Course

For more information, contact:

KSU Radon Training
2323 Anderson Avenue Suite 300 Manhattan, KS 66502
Toll Free: (833) 723-6222
Phone: (785) 532-4995 radoncourse@ksu.edu