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Vermont Data Lead to Study of Parents’ Radon Awareness

“Radon From the Ground into Our Schools: Parent and Guardian Awareness of Radon,” published March 2020, analyzes 126 survey responses received and analyzed from parents of K-12 children in Vermont. (Responses from 25 school districts throughout Vermont, one from the state of New York, and three from undisclosed locations were included in the study.)

Results showed:

· 51% of parents believed that radon affects the lungs

· 39% identified it as a carcinogen

· 91% believed their children’s schools should act to address elevated radon levels

· 87% supported mandated mitigation

Authors acknowledge limitations, including disproportionate representation from the area near Burlington, Vermont, where responses were predominant.

To see the study details and findings, see https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2158244020914545