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Requiring RRNC in the International Residential Code

We are planning to submit a code change proposal - this weekend - to the International Code Council to amend the International Residential Code by elevating RRNC from its status as an optional appendix to a requirement, and by incorporating requirements from ASTM standard E1465a-07. Is anyone aware of a similar efffort?

We'd love to know about it, ASAP, since the ICC deadline is June 1st - Sunday. I have checked with a few leaders but not encountered a parallel effort yet.

The way the process works: proposals due June 1, 2009; committees hold hearings to approve or disapprove October 2009 in Baltimore; comment period when anyone can respond to committee actions and the original proposals with counterproposals - ending July 1, 2010; final action hearing when all code offiicials in attendance vote on the counterproposals - October 2010 in Charlotte NC. see iccsafe.org

If we can change the IRC model code, it will prompt jurisdictions to consider requiring RRNC... I will post information about how to support the model code strategy in the future.

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