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We Want You! Share Your Feedback on Important Radon Issues

We Want You!  Share Your Feedback on Important Radon Issues

UPDATED June 19, 2009

In this InFocus we update you on two major opportunities to share feedback on important national radon issues.

National Radon Chamber & Calibration Protocols/Standards: Comments Sought on Chambers and Device Calibration

Comments may be submitted until 11:59PM on Sunday, June 28, 2009. Please visit the Standards Comment page for full details and to share your input.

The State of Pennsylvania Radon Program has recently been developing a potential chamber policy that could be useful not only Pennsylvania’s own regulated program but also for non-regulatory states, tribes and other jurisdictions. Leaders in accredited standards organizations, as well as within the radon community and many state radon programs are seeking public discussion and feedback from the radon professional community on the proposed PA Chamber Policy (as a national discussion topic only).

Comments are being sought on:

  1. Initial conceptual comments on need and scope and priority of a national chamber standard
  2. Initial technical suggestions on such a draft policy
  3. Whether the policy is a basis for a working group, or a standard to create a national interim protocol that would lead eventually to a consensus standard
  4. What stakeholder groups should be involved in the creation of such a chamber standard
  5. Expression of interest by stakeholder groups and individuals to work on:
  6. -A interim national chamber protocol
    -Consensus standards committees and workgroups

Help EPA Develop its Long-term Strategy on Radon

EPA is pleased to announce that it will be developing a long-term strategy to meet its mandates for radon, and is seeking feedback from the radon community. EPA will be seeking feedback in three stages, with the first stage being a quick, short answer response poll. This first feedback opportunity is meant to start the conversation with the radon community on the EPA long-term strategy.

The EPA Long-term Strategy poll has now closed. Over fifty stakeholders shared feedback!
Additional details on the EPA's work developing its Long-term Strategy and how to stay involved.

Great Blogs!

Several excellent blogs have recently been posted to RadonLeaders.org. Read these new posts and comment in the Blogs section.

Do you have something to say? Any member of RadonLeaders.org can post a blog. Here’s how.

Please Contact RadonLeaders.org with any questions or comments.