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Customizable Radon Vent Pipe Sticker (Draft)

Draft version of customizable radon vent pipe sticker.

This resource is being offered to all members of the RadonLeaders.org community. The sticker aims to better inform the consumer, and repairman or contractor about the mitigation system in a home.

EPA recommends that every home that is mitigated, built RRNC, or to the specifications of the EPA Indoor airPLUS (IAP) label standards use this sticker.

The sticker currently available is a DRAFT version. This resource will be updated with the final version as soon as it is available. The final version will be customizable for local needs and/or codes. The native electronic files will be made available with the final version so that any necessary customization edits can be made using an image editing program (i.e. Adobe Photoshop).