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Saving Lives in 2009

Growing RadonLeaders.org

RadonLeaders.org now boasts almost 400 members in the mere four months since its launch at the national radon meetings in Las Vegas, September 2008. Help build the RadonLeaders.org community by asking three colleagues to join today! Direct them to www.radonleaders.org/user/register.

A Record Breaking National Radon Action Month 2009

January was the most successful National Radon Action Month to date. During January, radon professionals, public health professionals, state leaders and others took action on radon, hosting a wide variety of programs and activities to reduce risk in their communities. This year, more than 1,800 NRAM outreach activities and events were reported! That’s more than double the number of activities reported last year! 2009 is definitely off to a great start.

Visit www.radonleaders.org/nram and www.epa.gov/radon/nram to read more about the activities and events state radon programs conducted for NRAM.

Speak Your Mind – Blog!

Recently blogs were added to RadonLeaders.org, any member can now publish a blog and several members already are! Currently there are several blogs featuring personal stories from radon activists and professionals on why they advocate for, and work on radon. Other current blogs discuss subjects ranging from Mrs. Georgia becoming an advocate for radon testing to a recent National Radon Action Month Conference in Connecticut. Check out the blogs now.

Do you have an opinion or a news item that other radon leaders would be interested in hearing? Post a blog!

To Blog:
• Log in to RadonLeaders.org
• Select Create Content in the user panel
• Then select Blog Entry and start writing

New Tools to Help Strengthen Outreach Efforts

On January 6, 2009, EPA hosted a Webinar as part of National Radon Action Month on the Radon Change Package. The Webinar featured Pat Gardner with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Patrick Daniels with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. They revealed how they used the principles contained in the Radon Change Package to amplify the results of their everyday work on radon. You can watch the full Webinar screencast and download related resources to learn how the Change Package can help you in your work in the RadonLeaders.org Resource Bank.

During the Webinar, there were a number of questions about working with the real estate community. Dr. Paul Locke, a leader with over 20 years of experience in radon and real estate issues will be blogging on RadonLeaders.org about working with realtors on radon. His blog will debut on shortly. Read it to learn how you can communicate successfully with realtors—and other potentially difficult groups—and achieve your goals this year.

What are you taking away from January? Post a blog or a comment.

As always, please contact RadonLeaders.org with any questions or comments you have.