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Concluding Act for the SIL Radon Awareness Initiative

SIL Radon Awareness Task Force, Inc., in conjunction with Illinois Emergency Management Agency, American Lung Association of Illinois, and Cancer Survivors against Radon – CanSAR, sponsored a Radon Awareness Lunch on January 20, 2010 at Gibby’s on the Green in Whittington, IL. Among the attendees were three of the ten homeowners who received free radon mitigation systems in 2009 as part of the Southern Illinois Radon Awareness Initiative. The well-attended event also included representatives of area County Health Departments, County Extension offices, Colleges, Boards of Education, real estate offices and businessmen and women in the area.

The purpose of the lunch was two fold. The homeowners in attendance were awarded a plaque recognizing their participation in the Southern Illinois Radon Awareness Initiative. They were also given ten radon test kits to share with friends and neighbors in an effort to encourage others to test and to take action against radon if the level is elevated. Participants also learned from presentations given by Patrick Daniels, Radon Manager at Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Angela Tin with American Lung Association of Upper Midwest that radon is a major health risk and causes lung cancer. Pat explained to the participants how they could easily partner with the Southern Illinois Radon Awareness Task Force to create continued awareness of the danger of living with high levels of radon in Southern Illinois.

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors – CRCPD, as part of the Radon Leadership Initiative grant program, provided funding for The SIL Radon Awareness Task Force luncheon. By providing an opportunity to come together as partners in the war against radon-induced lung cancer, this luncheon enabled local news media representatives who were present to immediately produce subsequent reports, stories and pictures on the event, thereby creating even more radon awareness in Southern Illinois.