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US EPA Region 6 Radon & Indoor Air Workshop - 2010

Representatives from EPA Region 6, OK, TX, NM, tribal nation programs, and guests from EPA Headquarters and Kansas State University gathered in Dallas, TX on March 22-24, 2010 to share ideas, challenges, and to forge new enthusiasm for radon risk reduction activities. States, led by host Texas, shared current activities and plans for the coming year.

Gina Bowler and Bruce Snead provided web-based examples and updates on national level programs and partners, and opportunities to leverage resources for state SIRG initiatives. Real estate outreach, training, free versus paid test kit offers, PSA matching sources, poster contest issues and connecting with industry on risk reduction partnering were all items for discussion and sharing.

The complete materials from the meeting are provided above for PDF download, including the agenda, attendee list, meeting requests and offers, and presentations.

Please contact George Brozowski with U.S. EPA Region 6 with any questions.