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Radon: The Undetected Killer

Your home could pose a threat to your health without you even knowing it.

Radon is estimated to cause thousands of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year.

A potential killer could be lurking in your home.

Kevin Siers, Radon Mitigation Contractor says, "that's the bad thing about radon. There are no warning signals."

Siers tests for the radio-active gas in homes around the Mid-Ohio Valley.

He says, "radon is a gas that comes from decaying uranium under the soil."

Most people only test when buying or selling a home, but the Environmental Protection Agency suggests otherwise.

Siers adds, "we all should get our homes tested for radon every 2 years as the EPA suggests."

Testing is simple: It takes anywhere from two to 90 days. The contractor simply comes to your home, sets up the radon detector, and comes back for the results.

"We try to put it where it will be out of the way. We try to balance where we can put it and it will be out of the way of the homeowner," says Siers.

Siers says the detector must be a certain distance from the ground, ceilings, walls, and windows.

He goes around checking for any place a draft could enter such as through air conditioners or fire places.

The most important part about radon testing is that you have closed home conditions, but the tester will put up signs such as this one so you don't forget.

Siers says, "if you do have high radon... It can be fixed. We can put in a radon mitigation system, so i don't want you to think its the end of the world," but it could be the end of the world for you if radon goes undetected in your home.

Siers adds, "the one thing we do know is that it does cause lung cancer and its the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers."

Testing costs about 100 to 150 dollars.

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