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Radon and Environmental Justice

Dear Gentle Radon Professionals:

In the Portland, OR area we may have an environmental justice in regards to radon (and other issues too). The very same zip codes with the highest potential for radon are also the zip codes with the highest percentages of minorities and low income people.

Unlike other EJ issues, the equity issue is not in the location of pollution sources near low income and minority communities, rather it is a lack of radon awareness outreach efforts into the low income, minority and immigrant communities.

The situation reminds me of childhood lead poisoning in that there may be an institutional belief that we should not burden poor people with information about their bad situation (e.g. lead, radon, contaminated fish, etc.) because they do not have the means to change their own situation and besides, they are already over burdened. Enough of my preaching.

Does anyone have examples of radon educational outreach materials specifically for low income, minority and immigrant communities? I am interested especially in outreach/educational materials targeting Eastern European immigrants, Latino, Somali, African-American and low income communities.

Also, any information on programs past, current or future, to remedy radon in homes with high radon for these communities - including steps to lower radon risks in homes that will not be mitigated, e.g. sleep with windows open, use fans to plate out progeny, move the teenager from the basement to attic, etc.

Thank you very much.


Don Francis
EcoTech LLC