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Testing Your Home for Radon

Invisible Gas is Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- We have a warning for you about a lung cancer-causing gas that could be lurking inside your home.

It's called Radon. The byproduct of decomposing Uranium deep below the earth's surface seeps up through the ground and can become trapped inside your home, especially during the winter.

It's the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States right behind smoking.

Experts say you should use a test kit to figure out your home's levels. And if they're high, they're advising that you pay the money to get rid of the Radon.

"In Mesa County, we're seeing Radon levels anywhere from four to ten as our average," Indoor Air Quality Coordinator Anna Maylett Rice said. "I've seen them as high as 124 pico-curies per liter of air. Now, at that high of a level, the home was mitigated and mitigated to a level below four."

Below four is considered a somewhat safe level. Although, Rice says there is no safe amount of exposure to Radon at all.

Rice says getting your house tested is the only way to detect the Radon level. You can pick up a test kit a the Mesa County Health Department.

They cost five dollars and come with directions included. The money pays for the lab testing as well as shipping and handling.

The cost to mitigate problems can be in the hundreds of dollars, even thousands. But, Rice says that's a small price to pay to get rid of something that could put your life in danger.

The health department is pushing it's Radon testing campaign as the nation observes National Radon Action month during January.PrintEmail

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